Category LT-8000-KS LT-8000-KS-EH
Engine Kubota V2203 Kubota V2203
Cylinders 4 4
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Starter Electric Electric
Engine Speed (rpm) 1500 1500
kW at rated speed 17.2 kW 17.2 kW
Fuel Capacity 150 litres 150 litres
Fuel Usage (full load)4.9 litres/hour 4.9 litres/hour
Running Time per tank approx 30 hrs approx 30 hrs
Generator Stamford BCI184E Stamford BCI184E
Output 22.5 kVA 22.5 kVA
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Voltage 240 VAC 240 VAC
Light Head Sylvania Sylvania
Light Type Metal Halide Metal Halide
Watts/Lumens per light 2.0 kW/200K 2.0 kW/200K
Number of Lights 4 4
Total Output (Watts/Lumens)8.0 kW/770,0008.0 kW/770,000
Towing Drawbar Type Fixed Fixed
Length—transport mode 3630mm 3630mm
Width—transport mode 2150mm 2150mm
Height—transport mode 2610mm 2610mm
Mast 3 stage hydraulic 3 stage hydraulic
Hydraulic Power Pack 12VDC Single acting 12VDC Single acting
Mast Height—fully extended 9.0 mtrs (nominal) 12.0 mtrs (nominal)
Light Head rotation—type Mechanical Mechanical
Light Head rotation—degrees 355 355
Light Head tilt—type (optional)Electro-Mechanical Electro-Mechanical
Light Head tilt—degrees 45 45
Engine Protection Shutdown First-Out or Murphy First-Out or Murphy
Wheels/Tyres 14”Landcruiser/650-14 14”Landcruiser/650-14
Wheels/Tyres—Optional 16”Landcruiser/700-16 16”Landcruiser/700-16
Weight 1620 kg 1670 kg
Brakes Disk mechanical
override with park
Disk mechanical
override with park
Noise Levels (at 1 metre)
Noise Levels—optional silent pac