Category LT-9000-KS
Engine Kubota V2203
Cylinders 4
Fuel Diesel
Starter Electric
Engine Speed (rpm) 1500
kW at rated speed 17.2 kW
Fuel Capacity 150 litres
Fuel Usage (full load)4.9 litres/hour
Running Time per tank approx 30 hrs
Generator Stamford BCI184E
Output 22.5 kVA
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 240 VAC
Light Head Sylvania
Light Type Metal Halide
Watts/Lumens per light 1.5 kW/150K
Number of Lights 6
Total Output (Watts/Lumens)9.0 kW/870,000
Towing Drawbar Type Fixed
Length—transport mode 3630mm
Width—transport mode 2150mm
Height—transport mode 2610mm
Mast 3 stage hydraulic
Hydraulic Power Pack 12VDC Single acting
Mast Height—fully extended 9.0 mtrs (nominal)
Light Head rotation—type Mechanical
Light Head rotation—degrees 355
Light Head tilt—type (optional)Electro-Mechanical
Light Head tilt—degrees 45
Engine Protection Shutdown First-Out or Murphy
Wheels/Tyres 14”Landcruiser/650-14
Wheels/Tyres—Optional 16”Landcruiser/700-16
Weight 1620 kg
Brakes Disk mechanical
override with park
Noise Levels (at 1 metre)
Noise Levels—optional silent pac