Australian Electric Vehicles has been building people movers, in various forms since 1983. Since then, the company has built and commissioned over 80 units around Australia and overseas including Trackless Trains, Trams, and other general people moving systems are proving more and more popular, and the variety of sites in which they are utilised is growing each year. Botanical Gardens, Tourist sites, Shopping centers, Amusement and Theme Parks, Hotels and Resorts, Hospitals, and in fact, any area where people congregate and need transportation other than mainstream transportation needs.
Over the years Australian Electric Vehicles have designed and built people moving systems to reflect the client's need including the particular “theme” or image that is desired for the site.
The Company's product range caters for most requirements with the options of LPG/Natural gas, petrol, diesel or electric motive power to provide cost-effective transport, and in many cases, generating income for the client.
Australian Electric Vehicles prides itself on the quality and reliability of its products which have proven themselves through the test of time.
To better understand your particular needs in people-moving, we suggest that the Client Specification Questionnaire is completed in as much detail as possible to enable us to give the most accurate obligation free quotation. In some instances it may be possible for us to visit your site to gain a better idea of the terrain and grades involved.
The products have a full manufacturer's warranty for parts and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
Custom Configurations
We offer a number of different configurations to suit your specific needs. This may involve a single unit, such as a bus style, or a multiple unit requiring up to 3 separate carriages. We can build any configuration within safety and operational constraints.
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Engine Safety & Instrumentation
The prime movers are fully fitted with all the necessary safety equipment and instrumentation. Here is an example of typical interior layout and instrumentation for all prime movers.
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Seating Styles
Options for seating are many and include fiberglass seating (as illustrated here) as well as wooden slat seating.
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Disable Capabilities
All vehicles can have facilities for the disabled. An every increasing need as our society caters for disabled people more and more.
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