Powered by Toyota Diesel 2.8 Litre water-cooled engine, or similar.
Automatic gearbox with park locking and neutral safety switch. Locked in constant four-wheel drive.
Hydraulic brakes fitted to all wheels with mechanical hand/park brake fitted to the rear wheels.
Tyre size is 205 x 16 on front and rear wheels.
Superstructure is short wheelbase Landcruiser Chassis with steel RHS and aluminum and fiberglass bodywork. Options include timber fretwork and galvanizing of chassis assembly.
Fuel Tank
Fitted as per Landcruiser
Speedometer, odometer, fuel and temperature gauges and ignition charge lights are fitted.
Safety equipment
Two 300mm x 150mm rear view mirrors, audible and visual warning devices and hazard lighting. Options also include an audible speed- warning device that turns the engine off if the speed is not reduced within 2 seconds.
Maximum Load
Three 180A carriages, total load of 54 passengers.
PA system, tape deck and amplifier, carriage speakers
Light kit: Headlight, taillights and indicator lights
Wheel chair load platform, hydraulic lift [rear carriage 180A Series only]
Storm drop covers
Sliding glass windows (180A only)
Four-wheel carriage braking (180A only)
Cab Air-conditioning (600 Series only)
Carriage Air-conditioning (180A only)
Speed Governor
Paint and detailing
All paint is automotive 2-pack paint, with artwork and detailing as required.
1400mm wide, 3000mm long.
Height is 2250mm from ground.
approx 1540KG