The 1100 Series is basically the same configuration as the 400 Series Petrol but in electric power system. This unit can carry up to a maximum of 20 passengers via two 100A Series Carriages.

The power system is a 36/48 volt 1.5kW DC electric motor (3 and 5 kW options are also available) which provides to the rear wheels through a reduction chain drive to a differential with a final drive ratio of approximately 20:1. A solid state speed controller with current limiting and forward/reverse control switch looks after the trains drive system.
Power is provided from six 6/8 volt deep-cycle high ampere batteries mounted centrally on the prime mover. The 1100 series carries an on-board solid state fully automatic battery charger. The charger is connected to standard 110/240 VAC power outlet for recharging (typical recharge times are between 6-10 hours).
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