The industrialised transportation based vehicles are a derivative of the industrial utility vehicle customised to carry people. These vehicles are also constructed with a rugged steel frame chassis made with Australian RHS steel to take the demands of large payloads. They are also built on leading edge motor technology providing significantly improved performance in both power and battery efficiency. Therefore, you can carry more people for longer.
We also have an extensive range of fully imported standard industrial and commercial electric transportation vehicles.
The vehicle is powered by 36/48 volt DC motor providing extended vehicle operating life and fitted with 6-8 heavy duty deep-cycle batteries (depending on style).
Under normal operating conditions carrying up to 8 people, the vehicle will operate at full speed for a duty-cycle of about 7-8 hours. This equates to an available vehicle traveling distance of approximately 70-80 km. This is significantly longer range than many of the other major electric vehicle manufactures.
Below are some samples of this style of vehicle:
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Standard features
The vehicles are trimmed with fibreglass body work (not plastic) for strength and durability. All seats, canopies, and drop-sides are made from UV resistant materials for long life. Our utility vehicles all come standard with rack and pinion steering and full suspension for improved drivability and handling in confined spaces.
Our driverís cab, with integrated windscreen, is standard,. Unlike many other suppliers, where these are optioned in and thus increase the overall price.  Also, standard is a fully retractable driverís inertia seat-belt for added safety.
The utility vehicle is only 1.0 metres wide to allow operation within building lifts and some narrow passage ways. All vehicles are speed limited to 8-10 km/hr for driver and pedestrian safety. Also has, low ground clearance for easy step-up for the driver.

Environmentally Friendly
Our electric vehicle range provides an environmentally friendly solution to your transportation requirements. Move your people in a clean, green vehicle. Therefore, these vehicles can be used within under-covered or enclosed areas, such as warehouses, without polluting the atmosphere with toxic fumes.

Fully configurable
The entire vehicle is fully configurable to include different seating configurations, such as carrying 2, 4, 6 or even 8 passengers. You can have all forward or a mixture of forward and rear facing seating. We also specialise in people movers for the elderly with very low step height and custom swing out handle-rails to facilitate entry. Basically any configuration is possible to meet your specific needs, so please come and discuss your needs with our sales team.

Fully configurable to suit your needs
The Utility vehicle is fully customisable. Below are some of the common options:
Amber Safety Strobe Beacon, which may be required in many industrial applications as required by your local OH&S regulations.
External Cab Mirrors, which provide added safety in some environments where there is frequent reversing.
Safety Lighting Package, which includes halogen headlights, taillights, brakelights, turn indicators, and horn.
Passenger Seat Belts, which includes sash belts for each additional passenger.
Hour Meter, which provides the driver with a readout of the operating hours of the vehicle. Only available on the electric vehicles.
Battery Capacity Meter, which provides the driver with a readout of the batteries voltage. Only available on the electric vehicles.
Additional Roof Mounted Headlights, which provided additional lighting if the vehicle operates in darkness and more lighting is required.
Integrated Roll-cage, which provides added driver safety.
Storm Covers, which provides clear see-through UV protected drop-sides for protection from the weather for the driver and/or passengers.
Fully Enclosed Cab, hinged doors can be added to the vehicleís cab.
Galvanised Frame.
Fully Enclosed Cab and Passengerís Compartment, hinged doors can be added to the vehicleís cab and passengerís compartment.
Canvas or Fibreglass Roof, which provides a choice of colours for added UV and weather protection to the passengerís.
PA System, which allows the driver to communicate with the passengers.
Elderly/Mobility Impaired Passengerís Package, which included low step height and special swing-out arm rests for passenger support during embarkation/disembarkation.
Wheelchair System, which allows the unit to carry wheelchair bound passengers. This includes approved wheelchair restraints within the unit for passenger safety.

Large Selection of Colours
Below is only a sample of the colours available: