Australian Electric Vehicles provides an environmentally friendly solution to your industrial transportation and industrial utility vehicule needs.
All vehicles are constructed with durability, versatility and performance in mind, and use Australian parts, where ever possible, for cost efficiency in maintenance and production.
All are fitted with a robust power efficient motor technology, developed and manufactured in USA and distributed worldwide. This gives you better carrying capacity and longer vehicle life between recharges.
A number of basic vehicle designs are available, illustrated below are just a couple of them:
The Utility style electric vehicle used as a work-horse within warehouses, nursing homes, and enclosed spaces.
The other is people Transportation based vehicles (i.e. people movers). Please follow the links on the left of this page for further information on each. Within the people movers section, we also have a number of specialised vehicles such as people movers for the elderly and mobility impairs people. These vehicles has special attributes catering for these people to simplify and improve safety of these vehicles.