Australian Electric Vehicles (AEV) has manufactured and sold to various multi-national companies over the past twenty five years. We manufacture high quality engineered solutions to meet your specific needs. We have achieved a reputation of delivering quality products with an exceptional safety record at a reasonable price both domestically and into South-East Asia.
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The HILITE range of towers has a proven track record throughout Australia and South-East Asia, with its durability and reliability. It has the history of a proven track star in its field.
The HILITE range is available in 4000, 6000, 8000, and 9000 watt configurations.

Our mobile VMS takes advantage of leading edge technologies to provide full graphics capability utilising modern LED technology and GSM modem control. Solar powered with smart diesel back-up gives you a VMS that requires very low maintenance and provides long operating life in the most extreme of weather conditions.

Custom designed electric powered vehicles to suit specialist environments such as food and drug transport within a hospital, towing of a garbage collection trailers or specialised people transporter within enclosed buildings, such as nursing homes etc.

Our themed people mover (up to 50 pax) vehicles can be powered electrically, gas, petrol or diesel. These vehicles can be configured to suit any application from mass transit to small specialised themed transportation vehicles.
The transportation vehicles can be speed limited to allow safe use alongside pedestrians.

Our themed people movers can also be configured to a tram style. An example of this is our trackless tram running within Darling Harbour, Sydney and also a regular mode of transport for patrons at the Sydney Royal Easter Show each year.

We have been manufacturing quality custom trailers since 1982 and part of our standard product range are our 3, 4 and 5 bike fully enclosed and secure motorcycle trailers.

We also manufacture many custom trailers designed/built to your specific requirements.

We have also built a number of specialised entertainment and amusement vehicles.

We have built, based on our popular trackless train theme, a number of disguised special purpose garbage collection vehicles that fit seamlessly into the landscape to avoid attention.

Fire awareness training vehicles.

Other amusement and ride based vehicles.

Company History
AEV has evolved from a small amusement ride manufacturing business in 1983 to a company that manufactures high quality specialised equipment for industry and businesses. The business grew rapidly due to the success of the amusement ride manufacture, and then turned to commercial electric vehicles and adapted some of the amusement technology to its electric vehicles – hence the present name of Australian Electric Vehicles.
From this point forward, the company quickly became involved in some big projects, for example it supplied 5 trains to World Expo 88 for people moving and on-site litter removal.
An association with Warner Bros Movie World was then established and the company went on to build many rides and street parade vehicles for both the WBMW Gold Coast QLD and WBMW Düsseldorf Germany venues. Soon after this, AEV started manufacturing Dark Rides and motion theatres for several venues in China.
In the mid 1990s the company became involved in the manufacture of the HILITE portable lighting towers, which have since been used extensively throughout Australia and in Indonesia. The HILITE range is now recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of portable light towers in Australia. A more recent development is the HILITE Variable Message Board, which is proving highly successful and a leader in its field. The message boards and light towers were both used in significant numbers at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
The company has conducted many successful export ventures into countries such as the UK, Germany, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. With high profile customers such as Coates Hire in Australia and Indonesia, Atlas Copco Hire, Theiss Contractors, Premier Hire, Warner Bros Movieworld in Australia and Germany, Muchpower China, Tony Quirk Amusements [Darling Harbour and Stadium Australia], G & H Walkom [Botanical Gardens, Sydney], Toboggan Hill Park [Nelson Bay, NSW], Fantasy Glades [Port Macquarie, NSW], Driveworld [Pacific Fair, Qld], Sydney Olympic Park Authority [Homebush Bay, NSW] and many more are a statement to the company’s success.
AEV is presently developing some exciting new products to add to its impressive list of achievements. A commitment in areas of innovative design, engineering excellence and affordability will continue successfully as it has done in the past
All products come with a twelve months warranty on new products. We offer new product advice for the client’s need. Our after sales service offers technical advice when required and spare parts backup is second to none.

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