The HILITE Light Towers have been designed after consultation with the hire companies, their clients and the mining industry using readily available components and materials for ease of repair and low cost of maintenance.
The HILITE range of lighting towers has a proven track record with there extensive use throughout construction sites in Indonesia and various site applications throughout Australia. In fact, the very first unit built in 1992 is still in use today in the hire industry.
With the unit's durability and reliability, the HILITE range keeps attributing to its own success. It has the history of a proven track star in its field.
The HILITE range is available in 4000, 4500, 6000, 8000, 9000 and custom wattage configurations.

We have an extensive range of portable lighting towers, designed for mining applications, engineering construction sites, or any situation where high intensity portable lighting is required.
Some features of our lighting towers include:
Three Stage Hydraulic Mast — 360 degrees plus mast rotation with the ability to aim each light individually.
Designed to be towed or have the draw bar retracted for transport on table top truck.
To protect lights, plus minimize length, lights can be stowed above the unit whilst in the transport position. This protects the light-heads from damage during transportation.
Simple, straight-forward operation, allowing full operation by a single operator.
Mechanical over-ride brake with park brakes.
120 litre fuel capacity with easy fill feature.
Rugged lockable steel cabinet finished in a durable two pack finish
Maximum accessibility for service and maintenance.
The lights are metal halide for improved visibility. Sodium based lamps are available for high fog and dust environments.
Fully labeled control panel with individual circuit and protection light switches for added safety.
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Compact for easy & cost effective transportation
Our attention to detail and application of clever ideas has resulted in a compact and easily transported lighting tower.
The 4000 and 6000 watt units allow for six units to be transported at one time on a flat top semi-trailer (40 foot,) or sea container.
Transport of 10 units at one time is possible on a B-Double truck.
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This ease of transport minimizes transportation costs. Resulting in more efficient use of your transport resources.

Options - General
Machines can be tailored to suit your individual specifications, such as different motors, Gensets, etc. These include, but not limited to:
Choice of engine maker.
Choice of generator maker.
Full instrumentation.
Automatic Engine shutdown equipment, either Murphy Shutdown or First-out LED indication.
Mine specification electrical system.
Choice of wheels and tyres.
Choice of 50mm ball coupling or ring pull coupling.
Range of colours.
Company Logo (decals) and plant numbers.
Additional power outlets.
240 Volt or 415 Volt operation.
Silent package, including improved muffler and cabinet sound insulation.
Leaf springs or Torsion-bar suspension.
Galvanised trailer frame.

Option - Lights
We recommend the use Sylvania Metal Halide “Brightline” light-heads (although you may choose alternatives, if you require).
HILITE 4000 (4 x 1000 watt Metal Halide globes)
HILITE 4500 (3 x 1500 watt Metal Halide globes)
HILITE 6000 (4 x 1500 watt Metal Halide globes)
HILITE 8000 (4 x 2000 watt Metal Halide globes)
HILITE 9000 (6 x 1500 watt Metal Halide globes)

Mechanical — the unit is fitted with outriggers for unit stability and safety. Both wheel guards are fitted with non-slip tape and reflectors. The ram is fitted with a safety locking mechanism incorporating a protection guard.
All warning and safety signage is fitted with etched labels and not adhesive decals.
The front, weight bearing, jockey wheel is cast iron for extended life and easy of handling.
Electrical — the unit comes in two electrical configurations, mine spec unit or a non-mine spec unit.
The non-mine specification unit is fitted with earth leakage protection for circuits and molded plastic enclosures.
The mine specification unit is fitted with earth leakage protection for circuits within a stainless steel enclosures. The mine specification unit complies with the following standards:
Coal Mines Regulation Act (Open Cut mines)
AS3000 — 2000
AS3007 — surface mines and equipment.
AS4242 — earth moving machinery and electrical wiring systems for extra low voltage.
MDG15 — guidelines for mobile and transportable equipment in mines.

How Does It Work
Operation of the units is simple and easily understood, making it ideal for the hire industry where each day a different person may be using the equipment. Simplicity means lower risk of damage to the unit from misuse.
Clearly labeled buttons and gauges also aid simplicity of use.
Very little damage can be done to the unit by operator’s misuse. We have included an automatic RAM retraction system for added safety and simplicity.

Non-Mine Specification Control Panel
Mine Specification Control Panel